AI-automated social customer support

Turn your social media communication and advertising campaigns into success stories with our AI that automates and manages customer interactions 24/7.

More sales.
Higher ROAS.
Better answers.

With replient, you can intensify your customer interactions, protect online reputation, scale customer support and keep the brand voice consistent across all channels – effortlessly and without additional labour costs!

Unused potential in social interactions
replient uses AI to respond to comments quickly and automatically, to fully utilise the potential of social interactions and to strengthen the relationship with customers.
By responding quickly and automatically to comments, the software helps to minimise negative effects on advertisements and protect the brand’s online reputation.
replient enables customer support to be scaled without additional personnel costs, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.
replient ensures compliance with the brand voice or CI in all customer communication, regardless of the quantity of interactions and the quality of the employees.
replient offers comprehensive multilingual support to ensure that all customers worldwide are supported in their preferred language. This ensures improved customer satisfaction and seamless communication, regardless of the language barrier.


Save yourself 1-2 support employees and get replient.

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Social customer support that doesn’t take customer support that doesn’t take time. Social customer support that takes no time. 


How do you use replient?

replient uses historical comment information to provide customised, brand-consistent response suggestions for social media comments in real time. We use historical Facebook comments, website information and additional documents to optimise comment quality:

Which industries
benefit from replient?

replient can be used across all industries & our AI optimises the answer suggestions based on information provided via the website. Here are some industries where our software is already in use:

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How does replient's AI-based learning actually work?

replient uses machine learning to learn from historical comments, responses and user interactions. The software analyses this data to identify patterns and contexts that can be used for future responses. This continuously improves the quality and relevance of the automated responses over time.

Yes, replient offers the flexibility to reply directly in automatic mode or to check the generated replies in advance in manual mode and then publish them manually. This gives you full control over the communication and ensures that all responses meet your standards.

replient is programmed to maintain the brand voice and corporate identity (CI) of your brand in all responses. The software learns from the historical data and documents provided during onboarding to ensure a consistent communication style.

If replient encounters a comment or enquiry for which no suitable answer can be found, the user has the option of intervening manually and formulating a suitable answer. In automatic mode, replient refers the user to write a personal message with the request. This ensures that all customer enquiries are answered professionally and appropriately, even if they lie outside the AI’s previous area of experience.

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